Get your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation
from just 299 when selling or just 99 when letting.

Sell your property online from just 299
Choose how you want to sell
  • 1. Sell for a fixed fee of 299. You choose if you want additional services
  • 2. Traditional estate agency service. No sale, no fee. From 0.5%.
  • 3. 0% Auction service.
Let your property online from just 99
Choose how you want to let
  • 99 let only
  • Add tenant find & rent collection
  • Add full property management

We advertise your property on the UK's largest property websites, where 98% of buyers look for their next home.

Why choose Cherish Property?

Sell or let quickly, without compromising on your price.

Get seen by millions. 98% of buyers and tenants start their search online.

No contract tie in period, no hidden costs, no credit agreements, no hassle.

Viewings booked, offers negotiated, sales and tenancies progressed as standard.

Keep up to date through our dedicated landlord and vendor portals.

How much could you save?

You could save thousands by paying a fixed fee of £299, rather than a commission and percentage of your sale price.

There's no hidden fees involved and no contracts that tie you in to a sole-agency agreement. Just a great service at a fair price.

Property price

Traditional estate agent fee

You could save with Cherish Property